The Jane Tomlinson Appeal is always looking for volunteers to assist with office based work as well as support at our events throughout the year.  Our events simply wouldn't happen without our amazing volunteers who come back year on year to offer their support.

Whether you would like to volunteer on event day or in our office we'd love to hear from you. Listed below are just a couple of examples of where volunteers can help. If you would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Administration - We are looking for volunteers to help relieve some of the administration work within the Jane Tomlinson Appeal office. If you would like to work within a friendly and welcoming team, to hours that suit you, please get in touch via the contact details below.

Run For all - We are on a continuous search for volunteers for the Run For All series. Race Marshalls are a vital part of all of our events, without whom the events would struggle to even take place. Tasks include supporting runners on the course, manning water stations and the runner holding areas and much much more. We know from participant feedback how much they appreciate the support from our volunteers and should you wish to get involved you will be part of an enthusiastic and valued team.


Case Studies

 "I have been volunteering at the Jane Tomlinson Appeal since March 2014.  My course at Uni really doesn't have that many contact hours so I decided I should probably do something valuable with my free time.  The team are really welcoming and flexible about when you can work and the type of work that suits you.  My tasks often vary from general office admin, including writing thank you notes, sending out t-shirts and data entry.  These are a welcome break from the heavy work at Uni!  I have also been helping with securing entertainment and sponsors and will be lending a hand at events, there's a lot of variety so it really can suit anyone.  I would definitely recommend volunteering with The Appeal - the atmosphere in the office is friendly and welcoming; you can have as much responsibility as you would like so you never feel out of your depth; and it is perfect as a CV booster!  I have definitely gained more confidence for applying for internships/placements.  Aside from that, it's just a lovely place to work with great people, and at the end of the volunteering day you really feel that you've helped out!" - Becky Kay, University of Leeds Student



If you can help in any way we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by any of the means below;

E-mail: info@janetomlinsonappeal.com

Telephone: 0113 826 7754

Post: Jane Tomlinson Appeal (Volunteers)
PO Box 314
West Yorkshire
LS26 1BY





 "I started volunteering because I wanted to do something enjoyable and worthwhile with my free time.  The hours are more flexible than a part time job and it's still possible to get a huge amount of experience, something you can never have enough of when moving towards starting your career.    I really enjoy my time every week volunteering at the Appeal because I have the opportunity to get involved in lots of the different areas of work they do. Each week I am doing something different and while this means I'm never getting bored doing the same thing, it also means I have the chance to gain a broad range of experience!  The Appeal has definitely helped me with career opportunities already and volunteering looks great on your CV.  Volunteering is a great thing to get involved in as a student alongside your studies and I would definitely recommend it. You get the chance to gain some valuable experience in a friendly and fun environment as well as really feeling you are helping an important charity." - Amy Gyngell, University of Leeds Student


You can make an online pledge by
tweeting with hashtag #makeapledge

alternatively email your pledge to info@janetomlinsonappeal.com