When people think of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and our fundraising events, it is understandable why people tend to associate us with running. The Appeal has a proud history of hosting and being a part of running events, from the Sheffield 10K to the Yorkshire Marathon, all because of Jane Tomlinson CBE. Jane herself undertook numerous running challenges requiring the highest level of endurance, such as a 4,000 mile bike ride across the USA. Despite having cancer, she conquered each challenge she set herself, and remains a core motivation for thousands of runners who join us for our series of running events throughout the year. Running is a treasured method of fundraising for us, and always will be.

However, running is by no means the only way you can fundraise for The Appeal! There is an endless list of unusual and creative ways you can help us raise money. 


Cue the talented and amazingly generous Caroline Houghton, who fundraises for The Appeal through crocheting blankets in her spare time:

"I'm running the Yorkshire Marathon raising money for the appeal, and I thought a good way for me to raise awareness and get some donations would be to make and sell some crochet blankets."

Caroline learned to crochet at the humble age of 8, and has treated it as a hobby ever since. Only recently did she decide to crochet for a charitable purpose; what started out as an intention to sell her creations on her holiday turned into the blankets being immediately sold out from a picture she posted on Instagram, wearing her running vest. It was with this overwhelming response that Caroline committed to crocheting for The Appeal!



We don't expect all of you to be harbouring secret crocheting abilities, nevertheless, this is a fantastic example of how you can fundraise through non-physical and alternative challenges. We have always encouraged and celebrated the fact that anyone can contribute towards The Appeal regardless of ability. Caroline's story shows how you can transform hobbies or interests into a fundraising mechanism, whether that's to hit your fundraising target or to donate money directly to The Appeal.

With orders for her blankets building up, Caroline's alternative way of fundraising is fast gaining attention and her network is subsequently expanding simultaneously. So whatever your reason for fundraising for The Appeal, if you are seeking a new way to raise funds, we hope Caroline's journey is the trigger point for yours!

If braving the cold for a morning run doesn't take your fancy, why not explore other potential ways to raise money such as baking, face painting, organising a raffle, pub quiz or something else outside of the box. You can even combine both like Caroline, by running for The Appeal and utilising that hidden talent to fundraise.

So get creative and support amazing causes through the Jane Tomlinson Appeal!