Fundraising Tips & Resources

From bake offs to car boot sales, pub quizzes to coffee mornings - there are loads of ways that you can fundraise for The Appeal, or boost your sponsorship for an event.

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A great way to support The Appeal is to hold your own fundraiser.

Not sure where to start?

Whether you're keen to create a small-scale version of one of our renowned athletic events, or tailor your fundraising efforts to an interest specific to YOU, the opportunities are truly endless.

We all have our hobbies and interests - so use them! We all know a sportaholic, a fashion-guru, a music-maniac, a bookworm, a foodie - which one are you?

Here are just some suggestions to give you an idea. 

Food and drink

Host your very own Great British Bake-Off! Contestants pay for their place and raise donations from their home-baked goodies. There's nothing quite like friendly rivalry!

Huge fan of coffee-mornings and brunch-breaks? Host an afternoon tea at the local school, town hall, or even in your garden! What better way to get family and friends together than raising money for the Appeal over tea and scones?

Hold a dinner party or 'Come Dine With Me' cook-off selling tickets to your guests and having a good time in the process!     

Leeds 10K Cake


Remember sports day at school? Get involved and spark up some old memories whilst donating your bets on the winning teams. Think tug of war, egg and spoon, beanbag races, you name it!

Want to get in touch with nature? Hold a sponsored walk through your local woodland areas, or cultural cityscapes. Get outdoors, have fun, and take donations too!

Ask local companies, friends and family to make a donation to a raffle and hold it at your next club social night.


Enjoy popping to the local pub? Why not get everyone involved in a giant pub quiz or darts championship?Donate your entry fees and have a good laugh!

Get everyone at work to wear something wacky - socks, a tie or even full fancy dress! You can take donations from those involved and have a laugh at the same time!

Mara Minion

Hold a car boot sale - you can get rid of some old junk with and have a clear out whilst taking donations for your old stuff.

Why not get all your work colleagues to bring in a baby photo and then pay to enter the guess who is who - and have a laugh along the way


Is your wardrobe desperate for a makeover? Hold a clothes-swap! Add a small fee to each item of clothing to go to the Appeal, and feel stylish in the process!


Have you ever entered a talent show? Find the hidden gems in your town, family or friends by hosting a mini contest! Raise donations from your ticket sales and find the next superstar on your doorstep!


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