Sport Relief

On Sunday 21st March, Rebecca, Mike and Steven travelled down to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Becca was taking part in the Sport Relief Heptathlon.

The challenge involved 3 teams of six celebrities/sporting personalities taking part in the 7 events hurdles, sprint, high jump, long jump, shotput, javelin and a team relay. Each team was captained by a BBC Look North presenter (Harry Gration lead out 'Harry's Heroes', Tanya Arnold had 'Tanya's Titans' and Paul Hudson was in charge of 'Hudson's Shower').

Becca was a part of the all-girl Tanya's Titans (at least it was supposed to be all girls but Paulette Edwards had to pull out and Jonny Nelson took her place, becoming an honorary Titan for the day).

Becca was entered in the High Jump (probably not her natural forté) and the 200m. Unfortunately she didn't manage to clear the first height at the high jump (although it was a little unfair as she was up against a field including Nick Robinson-Baker - an olympic diver and therefore quite bouncy, 6 foot-plus ice hockey legend Ron Shudra and GB volleyball player Rachel Newton - also, very tall). She fared far better in the 200m metres, coming 4th, although was possibly aided by Paul Hudson spectacularly falling over…twice.

It was a great day featuring a large and vociferous crowd and commentary by Jessica Ennis and highlights should be on BBC Look North, tonight (monday 22nd march) from 6.30pm.