Karen's 2010 in 2010 Challenge - Run 2,010 miles in the year 2010

Having completed 50 races, a total of 266 days of running and shown a huge amount of grit and determination Karen completed her challenge on 30th December 2010.

Through this tough, personal challenge Karen chose to support Jane Tomlinson Appeal and to date has raised over £1400.

Reflecting on what is an amazing achievement Karen said "There have been many days when I have felt like just giving up and not bothering to go out at all, bad days at work, my appendix operation, family problems, bad weather and just bad days but the thought that Jane would not have given up really has kept me going. I have my health and my life to be thankful for and long may that continue. I will always be inspired by Jane Tomlinson and indeed now by the rst of her family too and amazed by her courage and determination along ith many others"

Many people have asked me of my 2010 challenge, "Why?" And as he lady herself would have said "Why NOT!!"

To a true Yorkshire Hero, Thank you Jane for my journey & how goodwas that?