Big thanks to Lucozade

A big thank you to challenge sponsors Lucozade - whose support means the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Challenge team will have the energy to complete this incredible fundraising journey.

Taking on such a huge challenge involves a dietary challenge as well as an incredible physical and mental one.

Lucozade Sport Scientist, Jane Griffin ( BSc RD SENr) said: "Over the eight days from Paris to Yorkshire and finally London, it is vital the challenge team take on a high amount of carbohydrates, fluid and protein to make sure they can wake up each morning and keep going.

"Taking Mike Tomlinson as a model for the challenge, Mike will need to take on an average 4535kcals a day including on average 112.5g of protein and on average 750g of carbohydrate a day.

"The amount of fluid Mike will require will depend on his rate of sweat loss which depends on a lot of factors throughout his challenge such as weather, intensity and clothing. Mike will need to monitor his hydration throughout the challenge."

And now for the science… easy way to keep a check on hydration is to keep an eye on the colour of your pee - so challenge members will be aiming to keep their pee to a pale straw colour!

Lucozade is supplying the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Challenge team with a full range of products to fuel and hydrate them through the challenge including Lucozade Sport Body Fuel, Carbo Gels, Jelly Beans, Protein Recovery Powder, Energy Bars and Recovery Bars.