Thinking Teenagers TV

Earlier this year the Appeal showed its support to a new online television channel 

As a valuable 'Thinking Tool' for every teenage the site has over 40 videos of everyday people sharing their real life experiences or professional knowledge on important areas of life that all teenagers are likely to tackle as they grow up.

Based around each video is a 'Thinking Space' where teenagers are encouraged to think about the video, reflect on their own lives and aspirations, and move forwards in a positive way. is all about helping to inspire positive living. Think of it as giving your teenager a book of life, for insights, direction, and inspiration.  Most people like the idea of a good book, this is a slightly different form with more of an edge.

There are lots of great video interviewse, some sad, some shocking, some informative and some inspirational.  Life's diverse and Think Teenager TV have tried to capture some of the important parts that might be relevant to your teenagers growing up.

Mike Tomlinson was interviewed by the team at Think Teenagers tv for the chapter entitled 'Attitude' and about having a postive attitude towards life.

Click here to watch Mike's video.