Le Tour d'Epiphany; Agency cycling full Tour distance of 3,664 km for the Appeal

Epiphany is embarking on an epic team challenge; cycling the full distance of Le Tour de France to raise £10,000 for Jane's Appeal.

140 of Epiphany's team are donning the Lycra, getting into vintage cycling gear and smashing through the miles in the 15 working days of Le Tour, on two exercise bikes at their Leeds head office, The Small Mill. 

The team is aiming to cover the distance six days quicker than the real Tour riders.

Ten brave team leaders are leading the charge and competing for the coveted yellow, polka dot and green jerseys which reward the team that rides the furthest, the team that spends the longest on the bike and the team with the highest average speed. There is also an individual prize, the orange jersey which will be awarded to the most stylish rider at Le Tour awards party, which is being hosted in Leeds on the last Friday of Le Tour.

Established by the late Jane Tomlinson CBE in 2002, Jane's Appeal raise funds for children's and cancer charities in the UK. Epiphany is also being supported by Leeds City Council's Sport and Active Lifestyle team along with Amazon Leisure, who have provided bikes for the duration of the event.


Mike Tomlinson from Jane's Appeal said, "Epiphany had the idea to use Le Tour to raise money for Jane's Appeal in March and I'm really pleased that we've been able to make it happen with them. They've got plenty of guest riders, including friends at Google and The Drum, joining them to get through the 3,664 kilometre ride."

Rob Shaw, Epiphany's CEO, said; "We're extremely excited about this year's Tour de France. It passes within metres of our Leeds, Sheffield and London offices so it was obvious that we should use it as inspiration to raise money for Jane's Appeal".

Epiphany is suggesting donations of £22, or 1p for every mile that they're covering in the 15 working days of Le Tour.