Calling all healthcare professionals working in oncology and palliative care

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal is looking for health practitioners working in oncology and palliative care to support their research with Leeds Beckett's Universtiy.

The Appeal is currently working with the University to fund a PHD being conducted by Gourav Banerjee to look at the use of Kinesiology taping for managing symptoms related to cancer.

The two organisations are currently inviting healthcare professionals working in oncology and or palliative/supportive care settings to fill in a short online survey.

The survey aims to gather insights into the use of the non-drug sports therapy technique kinesiology taping for managing symptoms related to cancer. The investigators are also interested in gathering information from healthcare professionals that do not currently use kinesiology taping techniques.

Please click here to read the participant information sheet. To participate in the study, please click on the link below. The survery should take no longer than 15 minutes



In her final few months, amateur athlete Jane Tomlinson CBE was treated by physiotherapist Alison Rose with 'kinesio-tape' - the sort of strapping used by Olympic athletes.

For Jane, the application of the tape in a specific way helped to lift her ribcage, giving her organs - which had swollen during her cancer treatments - more space to move. It reduced Jane's pain levels and relieved pressure on her stomach, restoring her ability to eat and drink. Her family say the treatment improved her quality of life immeasurably.

Now, scientists at Leeds Beckett - funded by the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and with the support of Alison, a renowned sports physiotherapist - will examine whether this same treatment could help other cancer patients.

The research project was one of Jane's final wishes before she lost her battle with cancer in 2007.

To read more about the study and the Appeal's motivation to develop the research click here