Taking on the Triathlon

With the World Triathlon Series coming to Leeds for the first time 11th - 12th June we're welcoming beginners to take on a Triathlon as part of the 2016 Appeal Team!

We caught up with one of our triathletes, Shaun Sumner, about his Triathlon challenge...

Why did you decide to take on the Triathlon?

I chose to do a triathlon because after completing the Yorkshire Marathon for Jane Tomlinson Appeal in 2014 I wanted a bigger challenge for myself, so 2015 I decided to teach myself how to swim as I couldn't swim 25 metres without really struggling. After I got slightly better I entered and completed 2 small triathlons in 2015. I now want to be able to take on a longer triathlon in 2016.

What made you want to fundraise for The Appeal as part of this event?

The Appeal Team was able to get me a place on this event and with raising money for them before it was good opportunity to try and raise more. It's also good to let people know about Jane Tomlinson and what she did.

What is/will be your biggest motivation throughout your training?

One of my motivations will be race day, being focused on training and being able to put myself in a position to be there when 6 months ago I thought I would never be able to do a triathlon. The other will be the thought that someone or some people somewhere will be helped out by the money I raise.

What do you think will be your biggest obstacle whilst training or in the event itself?

My biggest obstacle is swimming before the bike and run even starts I need to be able to swim 1500m open water. I have been doing that distance in the pool but with a lot of rest in between lengths.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the Triathlon team?

I would say join the triathlon team! Who knows where this journey can take you and what goals you can achieve - which is probably another motivation of mine.

The Appeal has places in the Sprint distance and sold out Olympic distance. For a limited time, entrants can get a free race belt - a vital race day accessory for any triathlete!



Swim 1.5km / Bike 40km / Run 10km

Entry Fee £80, Suggested fundraising target £500


Swim 750m / Bike 20km / Run 5km

Entry Fee £70, Suggested fundraising target £300

As well as receiving support from the Appeal Team throughout the lead up to the event, Appeal Team entrants will become part of the Appeal's community and be able to share their training experiences, tips and race day with their fellow Appeal Team triathletes! Joining the Appeal Team is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is thinking of taking on a triathlon to start their journey with plenty of support - so what are you waiting for? Email  info@janetomlinsonappeal.com  today to sign up!