Team AA Nominated for Award

The inspirational duo Addi and her daughter Athina have been nominated for not one but 3 categories at the Yorkshire Choice Awards for their amazing achievements in 2016. Known as TeamAA the pair took on incredible challenges from Canoeing to Triathlons in aid of the Appeal.

Addi & Athina_1

One of their many adventures included the TeamAA Kayak/Swim where Addi swam 5KM in a lake whilst pulling daughter Athina along in a kayak. The following day Addi took on the Leeds Half Marathon in a heatwave - dressed as a rubber duck.

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The intrepid pair also canoed UKs longest canal (Leeds-Liverpool canal) with their Pirates of the Canal Adventure. They travelled almost 130miles in just 7 days, inside their inflatable boat; Boaty McBoatface. They faced torrential rain and wind and on day 1 when they set off from the Albert Docks in Liverpool there was winds of up to 30mph that kept blowing them back to where they started from.

Addi said: 'Too little to paddle the route, Athina was still an essential part in this journey's success. She helped me take the boat in and out of the water, to pull it on wheel when negotiating the locks, tunnels and low bridges (almost 100 of them in all!) and she lifted my spirits when days got tough. She was the little voice reassuring me we can do this every time my hands ached or when I said I felt cold and tired. She didn't complain once and really has the spirit of a true adventurer. Our inflatable kayak, Boaty McBoatface, served us proud and we only came to grief once, when a rusty nail gave us a puncture on the last day. Even this did not stop us for long; we evacuated Boaty and used teamwork to patch and reinflate! This gave Athina a massive sense of achievement and she still remembers it as one of the best parts of the adventure. There is nothing that Team AA can't fix!'

They carried all their own gear and camped along the way. Not only was this adventure designed to encourage others to live more adventurously but also to raise money for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

The Go Canoeing Team were extremely impressed by Addi's and Athina's adventure. They planned and prepared it all themselves and refused to give up, despite terrible weather conditions on their journey. In a wonderful way they had inspired others to get out and have fun as a family.   This was no mean feat for an adult but for a child of eight years old to keep going, with a smile on her face, it was quite remarkable. British Canoeing awarded them second place at the National John MacGregor Awards, awarding Endurance, Adventure, Exploration and Performance (2016).

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To add to the list of fantastic 2016 achievements, Addi also took a 10km open water swim and the IRONMAN Wales to name a few. TeamAA visits schools helping inspire young minds with their fun adventures and the Mini-Olympics; combining history, active movement and arts. In total, they raised £1,697.50 for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal last year, a truly fantastic amount.

To recognise their achievements, Addi and Athina have been nominated for the Yorkshire Choice Awards in the following 3 categories.

1. Inspirational Individual of the Year

2. Sporting Achievement of the Year

3. The Kate Granger Award for Outstanding Contribution

Speaking about their nominations, Addi said: 'As a parent I use our outdoor sporting adventures to teach my daughter the simple pleasures in life; how to be appreciative of little things like a hot drink, functional clothing and even a warm bed to sleep in and how to see beauty in everything that surrounds us. Along the way I try to spread some 'Goodness' and hopefully inspire others with our fun stories and stimulate their imagination to explore the outdoors as part of their weekly routine. The nominations came as a huge surprise; both Athina and I feel overjoyed and extremely proud to carry Yorkshire blood!'  

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