Kay goes for six halves in six months

At the Appeal we continue to be inspired of fundraisers who take on a challenge for us not only to support children's and cancer charities, but also to meet a personal goal. One such fundraiser is Kay Hinton, who is inspiring us by taking on six half marathons in six months.

Here is Kay's story in her words…

Last year my friend Sarah and her brother James ran The Great North run, to raise funds for Sheffield Children's Hospital. James had tragically lost his 13 year-old-son Aidan earlier that year, and the hospital provided vital care after Aidan's accident. I donated to their fundraising page but I had no desire to run and join them - my knees are dodgy, and my right foot is pinned from a break a couple of years ago, and after attempting to run a short distance I was out of breath!

But they talked of maybe running some more events, and I thought I would like to try too. On the 1st November 2016 I downloaded the Couch to 5k app, and it all started from there. At first it was torture, but I slowly got fitter... I even ran on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day as I didn't want to miss a scheduled run. The weather was awful some days - I ran in freezing fog and grotty rain, thinking that if I could manage this in the winter then when Spring came it would all be easier.

Sarah tried to talk me into entering the Sheffield Half Marathon but I wasn't convinced. I looked at the Jane Tomlinson website when I was researching the event. I remembered Jane's story from the news years ago, and all the amazing things she accomplished. 

Kay Hinton_2

Reading her story I realised she died at 43, the age I am now. She had achieved so much, and I could only run 5k, so I decided then that I would give it ago and would raise money for the Appeal.

I ran the Lincoln 10k for the Appeal on April 2nd, and then Sheffield Half on the 9th. James, Sarah and me then decided we would continue fundraising and run 6 Half Marathons in 6 months (James and Sarah for Aidan's Fund, me for Jane Tomlinson Appeal). Next one is Sleaford May 7th, Ramathon Derby June 4th, Clumber Park 2nd July, Newark 13th Aug, Cleethorpes 3rd October. I loved Sheffield - the big hill, the sunshine, the amazing crowds, it was such an inspirational day that I am really looking forward to the other (flatter!) events.

I can't imagine life without running now, it has become part of my routine, and it's a flexible enough activity to fit around a busy family life with my husband and 3 children. I love being outside, and I'm so lucky being in lovely countryside, surrounded by wildlife as I potter along. I will never be fast... slow & steady is my only pace, I really ought to have started all this 20 years ago, but I am a happy novice, loving the new challenge, and raising money for a fabulous cause.

Thank you so much to Kay for taking on this incredible challenge. You can donate to Kay's challenge on her Just Giving page.

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