Tiffany takes on the Zermatt Ultra Marathon

Here at the Appeal we are consistently overwhelmed by the lengths our supporters will go to to raise funds for the our cause.

This year is no exception. Tiffany Jolowicz is planning to run the Zermatt Ultra Marathon, a 45 km mountain trail marathon on July 1st. Tiffany is running to raise money for the Jane Tomlinson appeal.  She lives in Luzern, Switzerland.

This is her story in her words...

In February, I took the decision to run my first ultra mountain marathon and to raise funds for the Jane Tomlinson appeal. Why the Jane Tomlinson appeal? Because of a photo. 

When training for Ironman Zürich in 2013, I came across a black and white photo of a woman finishing the 2003 Gatorade Half Ironman UK Champion.  I would often look at this photo as I re-read my triathlon books.  I carried this image in my head on my long runs and bike rides.  I could not lay my finger on it but this woman exuded in that photo the energy and commitment that I was striving for. Her determination was contagious. 

It was not until years later when researching for a book on Ironwomen, that I read Jane Tomlinson's story.  I was in awe of her and all that she had achieved, despite her terminal illness.  Simple respect for Jane was enough to make me want to run for her appeal.

Am not sure I believe in coincidences but yesterday three events collided.  Unexpectedly and as a result of a routine mammogram last month, I found myself having a vacuum biopsy from my breast.  The mammogram and ultrasound had identified micro calcium deposits and the doctors wanted to investigate the cell tissue to determine whether there is any pre-cancerous activity in my left breast.  

I am not sure how this will all pan out; I will hear the results next Friday, but this episode has fuelled my urgency to run the Zermatt ultra marathon. 

To cheer me up after this unpleasant experience, I had planned to buy trail running shoes for the Ultra Marathon. The pair I was looking for was not available in the first store and the manager said they were hard to come by. I googled running stores in Luzern and went to the second one. I found the exact shoes I was looking for. 

There was much on my mind as I entered my house and saw the small grey packet from the UK on the floor by the front door.  It was my Jane Tomlinson appeal t-shirt.  I had been told not to run until Monday, but once I have finished off a few chores I will pull on my new blue t-shirt and go for a power walk and think of Jane and all that she has given me already, about my family and my plans for fund raising.


We  can't thank Tiffany enough for her support and will bring you more on her endeavours in the near future. To share your stories please get in touch