2017 Canal Run a huge success

As it has been for many years now, the Canal Run in Methley was a big success. The run is a way for people to have a good time (whilst testing themselves, of course), as well as raising money for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

 Organised by the Rothwell Harriers - the running club Jane was a part of - the evening of July 4th saw over 500 people come down to the canal and participate in the run. The 1.5 mile kids' run kicked off the running at 6.45pm, with our very own Jane Tomlinson Appeal Mascot starting the race, along with main organiser, Jason Westmoreland. Congratulations to William Randall and Joanna Bingham for running the fastest boys' and girls' times, respectively. Both members of Rothwell Harriers, William ran a lightning quick 7 minutes and 43 seconds, whilst Joanna completed the course in a very respectable 8 minutes and 37 seconds. Well done to you both, as well as everyone else who took part - it's certainly not easy!

Canal Run_1

The adults' 5km run came soon after, beginning at 7.15pm, with the JTA Mascot and Jason starting the races once again. Another William, Collumb this time, was able to glide through the course and finish in a time of 16 minutes and 20 seconds. He was followed closely - 8 seconds later to be exact - by Ben Butler of Wakefield running club. Kudos to Chloe Wood also, who finished with a time of 19 minutes and 48 seconds, as she was the fastest woman, putting in a very good shift on the course. Jason said he was 'out of breath' simply from having ran the start of the race, so to do all 5km of the race at such an impressive pace is a laudable effort.

 The Canal Run holds a special place at the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, as it was the final race that Jane took part in, and it was fantastic to see so many people turn up and give the run a go, even if they were a bit worse for wear afterwards! Katie Bell, Fundraising Manager for the Appeal, credited all participants by saying, 'It was brilliant to see everyone having fun, and pushing themselves at the same time. They should all be very proud of themselves.' Thanks also go to the event sponsors Nochex, Tom Tom Sports and Yorkshire Runner. A stunning £4600 was raised from the run, and all we can do is thank everyone who donated, partook or helped in any capacity. A top effort all round!