An update on #PeoplePowerRun

At the beginning of this year we shared details of Emily Macaulay's 2017 challenge: #PeoplePowerRun. Emily's aim with this challenge is to not only fundraise for the Appeal but to raise awareness too. She is doing this by involving both individuals and groups in fifty different runs throughout 2017.

Emily has made amazing progress so far, taking on fourteen #PeoplePowerRuns in the last seven months. Her runs have included friends, family and even people she had never met before. Runs nine and ten even included members of the Run For All and Appeal teams in the week running up to Leeds 10K, where run number twelve included footballer Danny Mills. Most recently, Emily ran with endurance runner Susie Chan through the sights of London.


Talking about her challenge, Emily said: "The #PeoplePowerRun challenge is capturing people's imaginations and it is lovely hearing the reasons why people want to run. A number of my runs have been with friends and long term supporters but some of the best are with people I've never met before who have heard about the challenge and just want to get involved.

"A real highlight was run ten with the Jane Tomlinson #AppealTeam. I've been involved with the Appeal for almost ten years and made friends with other team members too. It was great to finally run with them.

"I've got a number of runs booked in for the rest of the year but still need about fifteen to reach fifty runs target, so do get in touch if you're interested, particularly if you're in the West Country."

To be a part of #PeoplePowerRun, find out more about the challenge or simply support Emily with a donation, find out more on Emily's blog and her Just Giving page.