Where the money goes

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal continues Jane's incredible legacy. Its mission statement is to help children to be happier and healthier and to support people living with cancer.

To date, the Appeal has distributed scores of grants to causes supporting these aims. And, as it looks to the future, the Appeal will dedicate funds raised on four key projects that were close to Jane's heart.

Read below for more details on our legacy projects.


The Appeal is co-funding ground-breaking research, at the University of Nottingham, into the development of a blood test to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage.

The test could help detect cancer YEARS earlier than present - in some cases even before the cancer has developed - helping save the lives of women around the world.

The same science could also go on to help people with other forms of cancer, such as diseases of the colon, liver and pancreas.

Blood test



The Appeal has funded research into the use of physiotherapy 'sports taping' techniques to relieve pain in cancer patients.

Jane underwent kinesiology taping (the sort of strapping used by Olympic athletes) while she was receiving chemotherapy treatment. Helping to support her core, it helped to relieve the pressure on her internal organs, improved her breathing and helped her eat properly for the first time in a long while.  

The research aims to establish whether the technique could help other patients. In addition, the Appeal is funding training for palliative care physiotherapists to deliver the procedure.



The Appeal plans to fund a new service to provide bereavement counselling and support to children in the North and Midlands affected by the loss of a parent or significant loved one, whether a parent, a sibling, or a grandparent.

Dedicated bereavement support, tailored specifically to the needs of children and delivered in their 'own language', will be offered both in person and online.



The Appeal is funding the Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons programme, which aim to help youngsters improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The programme, which seems primary school age children take part in a six-week scheme, aims to challenge the typical stereotypes they are exposed to.  

Girls are encouraged to 'silence the siren' - their inner 'negative' voice which holds them back, questions their self-worth and body image, ultimately helping the navigate life more kindly and with confidence.

For boys, the Young Tritons course helps them understand they can be strong by working as a team, sharing their emotions, helping and encouraging each other in all areas of life, not just 'on the sports field'. Both schemes culminate in a 5km run, with the youngsters encouraged to celebrate their achievement. 

Mini Mermaids_1



For more than a decade, the Appeal has distributed a huge sum to scores of charities big and small who, in the main, support children and people with cancer.

In our recent grants round in April 2018, we made grants of almost £60,000. To find out more about our most recent recipients, click here

Our final grants round (as we seek to focus on our specific projects), takes place in October. Click here  to find out more and how to apply. 

To find out more about the organisations we have supported previously, click here


Zephyrs 2 

Jane's Fundraising Challenges

  • I'm delighted to support the Leeds 10K. Jane, a Sparks vice-president herself, was a truly inspirational figure who became our biggest-ever individual fundraiser.

    Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE
    Four-time Olympic Gold Medallist

    Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE
  • I was lucky enough to call Jane a friend and like many was touched by her determination and drive to make a difference to many millions of people's lives, despite battling with her own cruel illness.

    Steve Cram OBE
    Olympic Silver Medalist

    Steve Cram OBE
  • Jane's unwavering determination, strength courage and selflessness in the face of adversity is an inspiration to each and every one of us. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play a part in making sure that Jane's memory and legacy lives in the great work of the Appeal.

    Chrissie Wellington
    Four time World Ironman Champion

    Chrissie Wellington
  • Jane led the way on many occasions with inspirational feats that left us all in awe of her absolute determination and keen desire to help others.

    Nell McAndrew
    Jane Tomlinson Appeal Patron

    Nell McAndrew
  • It is a huge honour for me to be a patron of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. Jane was such a very special person. Her bravery, courage and strength were a huge inspiration to me, and I am sure to so many others. She fought cancer every step with such passion and positivity.

    Paula Radcliffe MBE

    Paula Radcliffe MBE