Companies compete for the fittest firm crown in the Ultimate Team Challenge!

Companies across Leeds are being encouraged to sign up to a test of strength, stamina and skill - and raise vital funds for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

The Ultimate Team Challenge takes place at Temple Newsam, Leeds, on Saturday 23rd April, and will see 12 teams of 12 individuals take on a series of testing, but fun, tasks.

Among the adventurous activities are the Volcano Climb, Range Rover Pull and Water balloon relay - all designed to test the body and the mind!

Entries for the challenge are open now but with only 12 spaces, would-be competitors are urged to move quickly as places are being snapped up. Among those already limbering up are creative marketing agency BananaKick and local car dealership Farnell Land Rover.

Organised by Breeze Event Management, part of Leeds City Council, the event is the first of its kind in Yorkshire. If it proves a success, we will look at opportunities to roll it out to other Yorkshire locations later in the year.

Jason Tabor, Breeze Area Manager, said: "We are really excited about this new team event, which is a cross between It's a Knockout and The Crystal Maze. We have delivered a brilliant programme for young people in the city for many years - now it's the turn of the big kids! We hope that companies can come out have some fun with their colleagues and support a fantastic charity.  There is one thing for sure everyone will have fun and leave with a smile on their face."

Every team entering will also be encouraged to raise funds to support the event's official partner charity the Jane Tomlinson Appeal - the legacy of the late inspirational fundraiser of the same name.

Siobhan Curtis, Appeal Manager, said: "This is fantastic event which is not only great for corporates but also local running groups, friends and families. Whilst some of the activities will require speed many will test team work and agility so teams will need to have a range of skills in order to come out as champions!"

The event will be staged in the shadows of Temple Newsam House in East Leeds with plenty of opportunities for spectators to watch the teams go head-to-head.

Entry is £500 per team and includes Ultimate challenge team t-shirts, medals and goody bags for all competitors. All profits will go to the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

With only 12 slots available, teams are urged to get their entries in quick to avoid missing out.

To register or to find out more visit






The Challenge - The full rundown

Vehicle pull
How far can you move a three ton Range Rover? Use team tactics to see who can go the furthest in the 8 minutes allowed.

Round The World
Countries' flags, capital cities and populations will all need matching. Who can analyse that data and make the correct call with the support of the team?

Water Balloon Relay
Not just any relay; work your way through the giant obstacle course to pass the water balloon baton to your teammate. Points are lost for burst balloons.

Volcano Climb
Make it to the top of the volcano! Drop off the lava block and get back down to earth. Four members climb at a time to score points. Be sure-footed and steady to score for your team!

Feel the Pressure
A steady hand and patience is needed on this game - one false move and you're at the back of the class! Shafts of air push the ball into the air - you'll need to move the cones to push the ball onto the next shaft of air and all the way to the end to score!

Treasure Hunt
Dive into the Giant Ball Pool to find the hidden Golden orbs. The more you find the higher the points you'll score. You can only return with 1 golden orb at a time, so dive straight back in to continue the search.

Combat Hangar/ Gladiator
Six of your team will face the three 'aliens' in the Dark Hangar. Being accurate is important and not hitting your team mates mean you will help increase your score. Six of the team will also take on the mighty Ultimate Team Gladiators! Here is your chance to get rid of all that office tension and score points by knocking off the Gladiator. But be careful - balance and timing is key.

Pipe to point
Using twelve pipes, teams must move as many tennis balls from one zone to another. Staying in a fixed point, team members must communicate and work together to quickly establish a rhythm and system that works.

Sling shot sponge catch
You will get wet on this one! Two catapults, 100 sponges! Points for those caught … stories for those that escape the grasp.

Sumo Run
Four giant sumo suits and a very funny run challenge await the competitors here. How many can you achieve to complete the course in the time? The more completions, the higher the point score!

Egg Catch
Split the team into three groups work together to manoeuvre the precious cargo from one side of the area safely to the other side - without smashing them!

Slip and Slide House Move
This giant obstacle will prove a slippy challenge for the team. Can you get everyone round and not drop the precious cargo?