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For some, spring and summer are the seasons that result in more travel and relaxation in the sunshine. For us, it sees the return of Run for All events that take place up and down the country. Covering everything from 5k to 26-mile marathons, these events cover the UK and bring people together to run while raising money from those that need it the most. We’re delighted that most people fundraise for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, but people can do it in support of any charity they wish – we just love being able to bring everyone together in a way that celebrates Jane Tomlinson’s legacy.

Run for All events were back on the agenda from March this year and continue through to September! Whether people consider themselves ‘serious’ runners committed to achieve their maximum PB or take part for a bit of fun in the name of charity, everyone is encouraged to get involved. If you’re yet to sign up for a Run for All event, you can find the details of all the latest runs on our website.

All donations to our charity are divided equally across our four core pillars: OWLS, Kinesio Taping, M2 and breast cancer research. The four pillars help us achieve the aims of our charity, and regardless of the size of the donation, every single one makes a difference to the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. To find out more about our work and what we do, please visit the ‘About Us’ section of our website.

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Prioritising children’s mental and physical wellbeing

One of the four core pillars of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal is M2. Focused on creating a foundation of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion, M2 is offered to young girls of primary school age to make their mental and physical health a priority from an early age. The teachings of the M2 programme help to strengthen their wellbeing and the purpose of it is to provide young girls with tools that will help them throughout their life, whether they receive pressure from their peers, society or even themselves. Focused on children living in disadvantaged areas in the North of England, M2 is a vital programme for those who need it most. Through a combination of themed discussions, journaling, active games and workouts and goal setting, participants explore ways that they can be kinder to themselves and others. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from schools and what they think of M2… “The girls absolutely loved it and have been asking if we can carry on next half term! It has been so lovely to see their confidence and physical fitness grow. We are doing our 5k on Monday after school.” “Last week a girl shared with the research team that her inner cheerleader started out as just a small flower and now she draws it bigger because her confidence has bloomed so much. Thank you for enabling these girls to have these experiences!” - Greenhill Primary School, Leeds

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