New Funding for Breast Cancer Research

This new commitment to the vital cause will be used to fund the Postdoctoral Research Assistant who will continue to oversee the remarkable laboratory work that the team are doing currently, while working in close collaboration with the new CEAC Fellow/Associate Professor of Surgery. The work the team are currently doing aims to identify specific markers in the blood meaning that breast cancer could be detected at a much earlier stage. If successful, this test alone could prevent the cancer from developing – potentially saving millions of lives around the world.

The new research funding means that the highly regarded and valued members of the team can continue to do a great job and bring some strength and stability to the research team. The new additions will help us to build up some momentum during the technical phase of the research programme and hopefully push us closer towards positive outcomes.

For more information about our work alongside the University of Nottingham and how your fundraising and donations can help, visit our dedicated webpage.

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Celebrating New M2 Funding

We are delighted to announce that the M2 programme has been funded for another two years! The M2 programme operates in primary schools, combining movement and mindfulness activities helping girls with their confidence and self-worth. Focused on the benefits of physical movement, the M2 programme is based around the collective belief that physical activity plays a vital role in helping girls develop self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.


Rewarding Racing

Fundraising is such an essential part of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. With your support, we’re able to continue our vital work within local communities and focus on helping children be happier and healthier whilst improving the lives of people living with cancer. A combination of our fundraising efforts with your participation and donations makes a real difference.

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